Special Sessions

Optimisation Special Sessions

OPT 1. Robust Structural Optimisation
Professor Anikó Csébfalvi, Hungary

OPT 2. Multi-Constrained Optimal Design of Structures and Microstructured Materials 
Professor Matteo Bruggi, Italy

OPT 3. Structural Optimisation for Bridge Design 
Professor L.M. Simoes and Professor Alberto Martins, Portugal

OPT 4. Computational Methods for Structural Optimisation in Seismic Design
Professor R. Greco, Italy

OPT 5. Topology Optimisation for Additive Manufacturing
Professor Weihong Zhang, Professor Jihong Zhu, ProfessorTong Gao and Professor Liang Meng, China

OPT 6. Advances in Reliability-Based Structural Optimisation
Dr Ghias Kharmanda and Professor Abdelkhalak El-Hami, France

OPT 7. Optimisation of Structures under Polymorphic Uncertainty
Dr S. Freitag, Germany, Professor W. Graf, Germany, Professor G. Meschke, Germany and Professor R.L. Muhanna, USA

OPT 8. Metaheuristic Optimisation Algorithms and Strategies
Dr Noëlie Di Cesare, France

OPT 9. Optimisation Approaches in Earthquake Engineering
Professor Dimos Charmpis, Greece

OPT 10. Structural Optimisation with Manufacturing Constraints
Professor Andrzej Myslinski, Poland


Soft computing Special sessions

SC 1. Soft Computing-based Approaches in Structural Engineering and Materials
Professor H. Naderpour, Iran

SC 2. Neural Networks for Engineering Applications
Dr S. Freitag, Germany

SC 3. Soft Computing for Structural Damage Detection
Dr M. R Vafaei, Iran

SC 4. Artificial Intelligence in Structural Health Monitoring System
Professor Azlan bin Adnan, Malaysia

SC 5. Advances in Structural Optimization and Seismic Safety
Professor Saeed Gholizadeh, Iran

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