Professor Andrzej Myśliński, Systems Research Institute Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland

Andrzej Myśliński

Andrzej Myśliński, is Professor of Control Engineering at the Systems Research Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences (SRI PAS). He graduated in control engineering from Warsaw University of Technology and obtained his PhD from SRI PAS in 1986. He also worked at the Warsaw University of Technology. His research covers all aspects of structural optimization including modelling and optimization methods of nonlinear structures such as contact problems with friction or heat flow, nonlinear arches as well as of optimal control techniques of vibrating structures. Part of his results has been motivated and applied in the area of railway engineering. He has published 32 original papers in international journals and 70 papers in international conference proceedings as well as 11 book chapters and 1 book. He was editor of 4 books. He has also participated in many financially supported research projects.


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